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Communiqués From The Ships of Song: The Whisperings of an Awakening Soul

Communiqués goal is to awaken us to the whisperings of our own souls. The purpose is to trigger the sleeping insights and awarenesses existing within each of us. The arrangement of chapters and its content mirrors the process of growth and development on the physical and spiritual levels. Communiqués is the echo of one’s own voice, asking across the ages, "who am I and where do I dwell.”

Consciousness of Creation, The Theater of The Mind

"Consciousness of Creation," a Messenger™ mini-book, examines how you have created what is present in your life and offers a blueprint for consciously re-creating your reality. This blueprint guides you through the three steps of conscious creation: Acknowledgment, Surrender and Dominion. The book is supported by a FREE online course. (course available January 2011)

Hypnosis Audo Self Help

Awakening Series
Creative Visualization CD Set

$59.95, ISBN 0-9758866-0-6

Stanley Walsh has written and narrated this powerful visualization series of audio cd’s. The study is a composite of 5 years of individual and group work. This series has been developed to assist the reader in going to that perfect place of radiant light, eternal wisdom, and unconditional love. Stanley’s voice is very relaxing and beautiful. These recordings give instructions and suggestions to create your Own reality, at your Own pace, and in your Own way. They have been formed to assist in the healing process and to create change in your life. Each cd in the series is shaped for individual needs and is labeled. Every visualization is a gently guided meditation that feels very comfortable and is effortless to hear. I believe these visualizations and the tools given are extremely helpful and will be easily implemented into everyday life. This quote from Stanley sums it all up for me, “When you quiet the mind and still the body, you can hear that still small voice that speaks to you with all the love and all the wisdom of the universe.” - Annie Henderson, Magical Blend Review, Feb 2006

Listen to Soul Journey (high quality, mp3 format)

Ships of Song

Ships of Song,
A Parable of Ascension

An epic adventure of the human experience on planet Earth, offering hope for a brighter future and the realization that we are not alone in the universe. Ships of Song reveals the intricate tapestry of a loving universe which orchestrates the delicate dance of oneness with All That Is. "A powerful message of love and hope." James Redfield, author of Celestine Propehcy. Click here to read an excerpt. Click here to listen to an mp3 excerpt.
$13.95, ISBN 0-9668872-0-4

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