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Book of Self Hypnosis Scripts

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Awakening Realities

A book of hypnotic scripts for therapists and individuals to practice self-hypnosis. Both the expert and the novice will find these scripts to be an effective tool in instructing the subconscious mind to attain a new reality. Click here to download a complimentary script.
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Author's Commentary

Over the years, I have refined these scripts to become an effective tool for practitioners to guide individuals in creating an environment of self-empowerment and change. These programs are built upon a client¹s desire for change rather than self-control and will power, as a result, I have found greater client compliance and success rate.

These hypnotic scripts serve a threefold therapeutic function:

  • firstly, an invitation to the unconscious mind to bring resolution;
  • secondly, direction to the subconscious mind to release imprints and impressions;
  • thirdly, reinforcement of goals through direct suggestions.

This approach allows the client to create an attitude of agreement without unconscious blocks and resistance on which to build their new reality. In effect, this program creates an attitude of willingness to be willing, the foundation of all successful change.

Product Information

Spiral-bound: 126 pages

Publisher: Awakening Publications (June, 2004)

ISBN: 0975886614

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